How to find your ring size

Measuring your ring size at home may seem like a herculean task, but with our ring sizing chart and the following steps this process will feel more like the wrestling The Cretan Bull and less like defeating Cerberus. 

How to Measure your own ring size 

1. Get a piece of string, a thin (less than 1.5 cm wide) strip of paper, shoelace, cooked spaghetti, phone charger, headphones, the tail of a mongoose or narrow-headed vine snake. (Make sure the thing you use to measure isn't stretchy, as this can, and probably will, give you an inaccurate measurement) 


2. Wrap your chosen item around the bottom section your finger below the knuckle, making sure it's a comfy fit. (Keep in mind that your fingers expand in hot weather and contract in cold).


3. Mark where the measurement device overlaps on your finger with a pen, pencil, piece of charcoal, actually I'm not going to do this again. 


4. Measure the distance between the two markings with a ruler.


5. Check your measurement against the handy dandy chart provided at the bottom of this page. 


6. Buy something (very important step).

Note: All rings are made to order, as such we cant issue refunds or returns, so please take extra special care in making sure your ring size is correct before you buy.

How to subtly measure the ring size of someone you are planning to buy for.

1. Perform steps 1-6 whilst your chosen recipient is asleep.


Handy dandy chart:

Ring sizing chart