Who we are, what we do, why you should buy.

Who are we?

Us is we, we are I, and I am him. I am the eponymous Johnny Finger of Finger Jewels. I've been making and selling silver Jewellery since 2019 and have finally made the jump into the technological era with this here website.


Some have called me a metallurgical wunderkind, others a goblin like man with a strange obsession with precious metals, either way, my goal here is simple:

Provide handmade, bespoke, real silver jewellery. No plating, no coating, just 100% recycled sterling silver all the way down baby.



The Finger jewels philosophy 

From my humble beginnings making jewellery in my bedroom and selling it to friends and family to my current status, making jewellery in my bedroom and selling it to my friends and family, but online, I've always had a passion for shiny things and a distain for fake jewellery and overpriced brands, gouging the pockets of the little people, and leaving hands and necks stained green.

 Why you should buy

It is therefore time that we must rise up against the conglomerates and support our grass roots jewellers (me) and acquire some much needed steez. Wear it in the bath, shower, ocean, depths of space or the hidden bunker where Epstein and the Queen are hiding, with no corrosion or staining. Buy 1, 2, 5, 15, preferably that last one, pieces for the same price as one piece that those Hatton Garden fat cats are shilling, all while saving the environment with our commitment to using only 100% recycled silver. 

Shop till you drop, or get carpal tunnel